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yemin episode 221 with english subtitles































11 thoughts on “yemin episode 221 with english subtitles

  • Thank you so much admin. We are always be with you😍

    • Pankti shah

      Thank you so much… can u pls update rest of the episodes eagerly waiting pls…

  • Thank you very much🎁 ..when will you upload the rest of the episodes already 242 released ..please upload as soon as possible..

  • Thaaaank you ! We know it has been a tough decision to make…. But just so you know I ALWAYS watch here… You have a fan base… Don’t you worry !

  • Thank youuu soo much Admin!!!
    Thank u so much for understanding us!!
    I know this has been a tough Decision but I want to let u know that we will always be with u and watch here only!!
    Please upload rest of episode as soon as possible because serial has reached till 242 episodes
    Once again thank you!!❤️❤️

  • Thank you so much admin I am really very happy for your decision. Please upload the remaining episodes as soon as possible. Thank you once again 💚💚💚💚💚

  • manori abenayake

    Thank you dear admin and waiting 242 episode we always be with you .
    we are watching only serial4u.net
    thank you stay safe and God bless

  • Thank you soo much ❤ May god bless you .

  • Wish you a great success in you life 😊

  • when other will open just press back button because its ads

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