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yemin episode 139 with english subtitles































14 thoughts on “yemin episode 139 with english subtitles

  • umaid


  • maness

    thank you much waiting for the next episode.

  • maness

    thank you very much ,waiting the next episode.

  • Thanks admin.. U rock man..

  • Sabiabutt

    Thankyou love

  • please upload 140 and 141 anxiously waiting for them

  • ooohhh please upload 140 now

  • support

    no dear 170 is last

    • Malik

      Thanks dear post fast please I can’t live without seeing next one

    • Usman

      What that means Is there going to be a next season? Or just 170 is the end of this seriel.

  • Admin plss it’s been an enternity since u uploaded pls😭 uploadd..
    Or tell us the time you will upload pls pls

  • please upload 140 its too much to wait

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