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yemin episode 211 with english subtitles































8 thoughts on “yemin episode 211 with english subtitles

  • Mohammed raza

    Thanks admin 👍

  • Thank you admin. Yesterday i made dua for you and even in tahajjud. Thanks so much. I was waiting for so long.

    • Thank you.Now when will next episode be uploaded.

  • Thanks yo. Long time……

  • *Nobody*
    *Cavidan sets a trap for gulsum*
    *Me: Ahh shit…here we go again.

    Thanks admin. Please upload the next episode also

  • Shehroz akhter

    Please upload episode on daily basis.

  • برناوي

    شكرًا كثيرََا

  • Spartan

    Thank you 🙏🏻. Cavidan got her lesson

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