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yemin episode 142 with english subtitles































9 thoughts on “yemin episode 142 with english subtitles

  • Thankx for your effort…waiting for 143

  • Thanks admin..🥰at this weekend new episodes upload krden plz..

  • maria vaina

    thank you we are waiting for next episodes.

  • Shaheer

    When will episode 143 be uploaded??

  • Saju

    Admin??? Where are you?? No upload yet… What are you doing man?? Please upload 143,144 and 145..

  • Upload 143 and onwards please…tomorrow they came with new episodes…and we are still on 142…please we know it’s not an easy job but please do faster…

  • Admin?????????

  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload furthur episodes plzzz

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