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yemin episode 218 with english subtitles































13 thoughts on “yemin episode 218 with english subtitles

  • manori Abenayake

    thank you very much dear admin will waiting 219 and stay bless and God bless!

  • support

    please please click on banned ads for me, please because i uploding free for you.. thank you

    • Muhammad Faizan Naveed


  • Thanks admin. I really appreciate all your concerns and hardwork.

  • Muhammad Faizan Naveed

    I really appreciates your efforts

  • Risikat Sulaimon

    Good day wants to let’s u know that episode 218 of yemin is not opening

  • Thank you very much……wonderful episode! Seperation b/w reyhan n emir hurts me

  • برناوي

    شكرًا كثيرا

  • Really? Please say that this is true….😞☺️

  • Thank you very much for uploading this episode…..pls say this is true….I want to see ozge again.

  • Thank you so much admin

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