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yemin episode 1 with english subtitles































48 thoughts on “yemin episode 1 with english subtitles

  • It’s showing only episodes but Vedios are not playing please sort it out asap

    • uMWynEA85wrw3t3

      if not showing use free vpn

      • zunara haq

        Please upload bizim hikaye been waiting for ages

        • uMWynEA85wrw3t3

          in 2hours

        • Please upload more episodes
          There are now 146 episodes
          Kindly upload the latest episodes

      • kuldeep

        thanx but please upload 153 to 156

      • Lalitha

        Please upload Yemin 161 episode

      • Please upload all episodes early after episode 220.

      • Episode 245 is not uploaded till now and still you include this show in full series

  • Hi Adm…. It looks like my comments are already accepted.
    I can see all episodes in very good quality but episode 122 does not appear whem I click on the blue box.
    Is it still being finalized? Sorry to be bothering you.
    I’m very happy that serial4u is working again. Thank you for your effort.
    Hugs from Portugal

    • Plz upload yemin episode 153 and 154

  • Ruth Sorreda

    Im happy that serial4u is back again, thank you !!! From Philippines

    • Please upload dayan yuregim 😢

  • Qasim

    please upload episode 129

  • Episode 69 & 70 is the same video..

    • support

      fixed thanks for telling me


        Plz upload yemin season 3 all episodes.

  • When will u upload episode 130

  • Plz upload more than 1 episodes

  • Laurel Tagnong

    Upload Yemin episode 144,145,136,please and thank you!

  • support

    if you can not see video use free vpn

  • Zareen ahmad

    Please upload 49 to 54

  • Zareen ahmad

    Please upload 149 to 154

  • kuldeep

    please upload 150 to 154

  • Thanks for your quick response
    Plz upload yemin episode 155

  • Admin please upload yemin episode 156 157

  • please upload yemin 159,160 episode

  • peedgaj

    Please upload episode 167 onwards….its been 5 days please!

    • Please upload episode 221

  • Please upload episodes 167-175…your work is appreciated by the way I’d love to know what exactly is happening to Narin & Kemal as well as Reyhan & fake sister Cavidan has a evil hand in so ready for Hikmet to get well & see Cavidans end behind bars!

    • Please bring series up to date. Thank you

      • Please upload yemin 245

  • It’s very hard to see Yemin here when ever I click the loading button it does not play can you please upload this drama on YouTube please it’s a request

  • Samiullah

    Please upload 211

  • Manori Abenayake

    please upload 214 upwards and let me know when it is planned to be uploaded,Thank you.

  • I watched Part 1-213 and I really liked it. Now, as I waiting to the next episode so I start again watch episode 1 💓Thank you admin for upload 🙏May God Bless You 🙏🙏
    From Myanmar

  • episode 215!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bro upload the episode 221 to 239 of yemin

  • Muhammad Umer

    İs urdu sbutitles available?

  • When will episode 221 be uploaded???

  • Kindly upload episodes 221 to 240 of Yemin

  • Risikat Sulaimon

    Good day admin thanks for all ur efforts in uploading all the series God bless you pls am trying to watch yemin episode 244 but it’s not showing


    Plz upload all eposide of yemin.


    What’s happening to next the episode of yemin 251 and upward

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