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Emanet episode 142 with english subtitles


Emanet all episodes with english subtitles















12 thoughts on “Emanet episode 142 with english subtitles

  • Thank you ☺️
    Please upload the next episode

  • Please make us happy and translate all episode till the end…. thanks

  • Please upload the next episode

  • Bibi Ramsaran

    Thank you for uploading this series..just luv it..

  • Thanks. Waiting for the next

  • Bibi Ramsaran

    Please upload more episodes! Thank you for your great work!

  • hi.. i was wondering if you stop translating this serie and why? it has been long time with no new episode
    and we are waiting and waiting.. at least let us know if you going to contiue

  • I know it’s a busy time with all of the new summer shows starting but I find I am missing Emanet. Thanks for keeping us up to date with all of these series. When you have time I would love another episode or two. Thank you.

  • Please don’t stop translating and uploading new episodes.
    Waiting for the next.

  • Bibi Ramsaran

    Please dont stop translating this series..thank you!

  • Please upload next episode. Egarly waiting

  • please at least let us know if you are going to continue to translate as you left it in the middle and that is a little hard
    but you are doing a great job with everything so thank you very much

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