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Emanet episode 1 with english subtitles

Emanet all episodes with english subtitles















8 thoughts on “Emanet episode 1 with english subtitles

  • pls upload more eng sub tnx

  • please uplode the rest of the episodes . why did you stop?

  • Please upload more episodes , i only watch emanat on this site .. so far i have watched 121 episodes , please upload more

  • Please continue to upload this series with English subtitles!? Your work is greatly appreciated & I do so love this series!

  • please more…

  • please translate everyday – it breaks the enjoyment if not… and the episodes are very short..
    make us happy

  • we are very sad that you do not translate more… but thanks for all the great job you are doing. we appreciate a lot and will be happy if we can get all the episodes translated

  • Bibi Ramsaran

    Please upload more episodes, its been so long since 182 episode, missed it so much.

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