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Sefirin Kizi

Sefirin Kizi episode 1 with english subtitles

Sefirin Kizi all episodes







10 thoughts on “Sefirin Kizi episode 1 with english subtitles

  • Marine

    Thank you so much for your work!! Can you repost all episodes of Erkenci Kus ? Thanks again

  • s van der blom

    why does the translation take so long? I want to pay for it

    • support

      is free don’t worry episode 4 when air trkish tv we will translate in 24 hours…..

  • i genuinely respect what you do and thank you for posting all those shows.
    if its possible please post istanbullu gelin.

  • Omg. This is getting so exciting ..plz upload #7…thx !

  • Can you upload ‘ Kara Para Ask ‘ plz….thank you ! If you can and it’s not too much trouble.

    • It is on Netflix

  • ok i do for you

  • dua to cronavirus not put still new episodes

  • I’m waiting for the new episodes of sefirin kizi and dogdugun ev kaderindir. Do you know how long it will take now?

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