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12 thoughts on “gonul Dagi Episode 1 with English Subtitles

  • The episode 10 was amazing.
    Admin please upload episode 11

  • Mrinmoy Barai

    please post episode 12

  • waiting for it from so many dayss…..when do u uploada episode can u please tell us
    regards aliza waqar

  • Hbeing

    Plz upload 12 admin.its already on youtube plz.

  • Mrinmoy Barai

    please post episode 12… eagerly waiting for it

  • yes mrinmoy barai i am also waiting for episode 12 like you are waiting….. it has been uploaded since two to three weeks

  • Mrinmoy Barai

    the episode 14 has released on YouTube… Admin yarr,,, please come up with episode 12 quick…we are waiting for it so long… yes Aliza Waqar,,, being a big fan of Berk I’m waiting as you are…

  • Hbeing

    Plz upload 13 episode .

  • Hbeing

    Plz upload 13 episode .waiting for it.

  • hi
    i do not understand why you stop translating in the middle it does not make sense
    better have a fewer series but translate all episodes .
    anyway you are doing great job but think of us that we wait and wait and wait

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